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Skyblock Has Been Released!
We are very excited to announce that the Skyblock Server has finally been released!

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3 months ago
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This is an issue we have been looking into since the server launched and we are pleased to say that we will now be moving hosts.   Thank you for your patience, please view our discord announcements for some more infomation.
2 months ago

Thank you for your suggestions, they are really appreciated.   The word reaction/word scramble isn't gone but it only activates when there are 4 or more people online.  Hermitcraft is a vanilla server with no addons. Not only are they YouTubers with most likely a dedicated server (which is out of our price range as a smaller server at the moment) but with the plugins our server uses, we need the stacker plugin tempolarily in order to sort out lag because of the plugins we have on the server. We are fixing the stacker plugin as i write this to make it better for players. We will unstack sheep and other mobs when we next update this plugin which should sort out all the issues we are having with it.  Quests have been something we have toyed with and are thinking of adding in the near future. We have a few features being released soon before this however but quests are something that are coming.  We have been looking into a resource world and are currently testing it with lag, hopefully this is another feature we can add soon. We have just added a AFK timer now and it should be in effect.  Hope this answers all your suggestions and that i haven't missed any out.  - Sam Server Owner    
3 months ago

Glad to hear this, welcome to the server! If you could name the staff members who helped you, i would really appreciate it so i could thank them personally for truly embodying what Sanctuary Towns stands for as a server - Players coming first.  Im glad you are enjoying the server and can't wait to talk to you when we are both online :)
3 months ago