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Skyblock Has Been Released!
We are very excited to announce that the Skyblock Server has finally been released!

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2 months ago
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I don't believe that this is possible with how we have our playershops setup. But it would be an interesting idea for playershops.
16 days ago

We already have a marriage plugin. but thankyou for you suggestion.
about 1 month ago

First of all when you make a thread it would make it much easier for people to know what the thread is going to be about if you were to put a topic that is related to the thread such as this one could have been titled soemthing like "Bann Appeals?" Seccond of all the Bann Appeals will be added to the website when I have had a chance to go over everything that will be going into the ban appeals and when I have the time to add them to the website.
2 months ago

We are adding more listings on the /ah in the /perks shop for people to buy.We are not currently going to be be adding chat color for ranks due to how out of hand it can get and how messy it can make the chat look.We have a player run economy and we don't want to be adding any admin shops to be controlling the economy, but you can now also do /playershop to see what other players are selling.We have change the amount of lottery tickets that can be bought by any one player up to 15 but I feel that we will not go any higher then this.Locked chests are already a thing all you need to do is put a sign on a chest with the top line being "[Private]" and it will be locked so only you can access it.
2 months ago

This would be an interesting option for building, but I don't know if it would be good to use diamond blocks.
2 months ago