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We are very excited to announce that we are introducing a Skyblock Server and a hub, making SanctuaryMC officially a Network!

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Phantoms were never a very popular addition to Minecraft when they were initially released. Some people see them as a method to make the game more challenging, but not in a multiplayer server where the lag sometimes makes the phantoms almost undefeatable. As someone with really good armor, I haven't been killed by a phantom nor do I think I will. I've worked with Minecraft servers for about 3 years, and one common denomination from every server is that more entities cause more lag.  For an already laggy server, phantoms don't make it easier. You might be thinking, "Well, just go to bed!" But that's also a problem. See, sometimes network lag won't register you sleeping in a bed for a few seconds. Sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes of just laying in bed to make the game register it and have the phantoms unhostile. also please don't add mcmmo i beg of you
18 days ago