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Skyblock Coming Soon!
We are very excited to announce that we are introducing a Skyblock Server and a hub, making SanctuaryMC officially a Network!

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It's not a good image for those who are new to the server. This really is a fantastic server with a lovely community but I've seen new people leave numerous times after experiencing the lag when they get on. A server that receives donations (I've seen a couple of people with the 'God' package) should be able to afford a better host. I don't know how much longer I personally can put up with it. To clarify, I and others are experiencing over 500 ms ping at a good time and over 3500 ms at a bad time. Opening a chest can take up to 20 seconds.
17 days ago

I wear earphones and listen to game sound when playing MC and I have to turn the sound down a lot whenever I open the shop interface as it's too loud/makes me jump. A chest opening sound or similar would be better than a screech - please!
19 days ago

I also think this would be a great thing to add
19 days ago