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Skyblock Has Been Released!
We are very excited to announce that the Skyblock Server has finally been released!

Thank you.
Started by Lyvaella

I joined this server today after wasting time searching through other servers that either lagged me to the point I disconnected or had features I wasn't willing to accept (like allowing griefing). The staff and community were welcoming and helpful here at Sanctuary. That in itself is not all that unusual to be honest. Let's face it. The Minecraft community in general (minus the buttheads) are primarily an amazing group of people. However, when I lost my base to a misunderstanding of how the /home (and bed) features work, I became a pain in the butt. I was frustrated. I didn't have anything that couldn't be replaced. My base isn't even built up and beautiful or even serviceable yet. It was just that I had invested time in that area and have plans for a build. Even though I wasn't exactly being helpful, the staff were. They remained calm, patient, and kind. In the end, they were able to find my sad little starter base and I am grateful. My true appreciation though is for their manner in which they accomplished it. Thank you. 

3 months ago

Glad to hear this, welcome to the server!

If you could name the staff members who helped you, i would really appreciate it so i could thank them personally for truly embodying what Sanctuary Towns stands for as a server - Players coming first. 

Im glad you are enjoying the server and can't wait to talk to you when we are both online :)



3 months ago

I'm old and tired so my memory isn't the greatest, but I want to say Temmy and Dawn?

3 months ago